One Year Guarantee Mister!

guarantee my ass
Hi there fellas, what’s up? It’s been a while I from my last blog-post, I mean real blog-post with some story in it. Sorry, I have been busy lately not mention with how hectic we are in the studio lately (sound like never been before hahaha) with all those dead-line coming up. You know what, when was at the time I’m not with someone there is always easy to give the one day more than 24 hour to write a blog-post, specially something mellow. Cause when I was not with someone my brain just want to explode with all those “not necessary things” going on, and now I’m just melted somehow. But hey, the good things is I’m so happy now. Yeah Rite?!

Ok let’s the story begin. Some say a woman can make lot of different, and that is absolute! On a couple week before I just have problem with my Samsung DVD RW-Combo which is attach to my PC at home. FYI, I bought the PC on 24/12/05, Invoices number 07055 @ the Bio Computer, I just don’t trust the that store anymore.

#1 Miss Attach, I have buy a PC twice from the store and every delivery after I check the the system in the first place I just found they not put the correct specification (wrong brand & wrong item), after I complain they just easy said “Maybe it’s miss attach by the installer guy” FCUK ME! What if the customer don’t know how to check what have they buy from them? So far I know most of PC Customers here in Bali just don’t have the knowledge to do so. So they need a third person to do the delivery check up. The store/the installer person may take a lot of advantages from this conditions.

#2 The Guarantee, When the store marketing do the mouth selling in the first place they say “This PC is One Year Guarantee Mister”. I just buy that shit. But when I go for service my DVD ROOM to them, the technician said “We take this for services but if there is a spare part replacement you must pay for it because the guarantee for spare part replacement is for 3 month only, and it’s 8 month already from the date you buy the PC” WHAT THE FCUK! I and read in the back of guarantee card, yes it’s said ” Total waktugaransi pada spare part diberikan selama 1 tahun terhitung sejak tanggal pembelian, dengan rincian 3 bulan replace dan 9 bulan services , garansi tidaktermasuk kerusakan program karena kami tidak menjual program .” Ok they not lie buat they not mention the guarantee detail in the first place. They use the word “1 Year Guarantee” as the selling point, and kick the costumers ass with the detail information. DAMN THEY SMART!

They promise me the DVD-Room will be ready 2 week from the day I when for services. After 2 weeks I go back to them and is not finish yet, they said “We will contact you by phone when it’s done” after 2 more weeks there is no phone call.

Ok, it’s time for them dealing with a lady. I just give their number to my sister and told her to contact them and scream at them hardly. Here some word from the phone conversation :
The Lady said : “Katanya bakalan dihubungi kalau sudah jadi? Ini khan sudah lebih darisebulan!” “Apa karena gratis terus nggak dikerjakan gitu?” “Apa anda bukan bagianKenapa juga saya nggak disambungkan ke bagian complain?” “Tolong dong dijelaskan bagaimana prosedur services di toko ini? emang kayak gini yah jelimet? Bukannya toko anda termasuk terbesar di kota ini?” “Kok nggak profesional banget sih?” “Sudah jadi? sore ini saya bisa ambil?” complain?” ”

See… using the lady’s tongue is always work. They just good in complaining. Most of bule in town also have this ability “to complain” that’s way they always have their goods in perfect conditions. There is two possibility, one our people just don’t pay attention on how to give the good services or we “costumer” just take it as they gave to us even in not good condition (kanggo’ang gen). So start being a bitching customers, fight for what you pay!

It’s so not me! So I need your help Sis, thanks for my bitching tongue they deserve it! They just toke my DVD-DIME-TIME? for a month. B.I.A.T.C.H!

One Year Guarantee Mister!

2 thoughts on “One Year Guarantee Mister!

  1. low,
    knapa dvd-rom kamu yang baru berumur 8 bulan sudah jebol ? koleksi dvd bokep kamu bejibun ya ? atau malah mungkin saking semangatnya sampe kecipratan ?
    jorok ih..

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