Balinesse Lamak Pattern

Bali Lamak Pattern

Today I design a vektor image, the idea taking from the balinesse “lamak” design. Lamak is an accessories that balinesse people put on their temple when the traditional ceremonial was held.

From the design I also got the idea to make some balinesse pattern. Today I was submit the pattern to the K10K pattern section for any use purposes, hope they accepted and publish it on their website.

The Pattern

  • Bali Lamak Dasar
    Saylow Bali Lamak Dasar Pattern
  • Bali Lamak Tengah
    Saylow Bali Lamak Tengah pattern
  • Bali Poleng Polos
    Saylow Bali Poleng Polos
  • Bali Poleng Jegeg
    Saylow Bali Poleng Jegeg
Balinesse Lamak Pattern

3 thoughts on “Balinesse Lamak Pattern

  1. ada juga restoran yang namanya kayak gitu, low…
    eniwei, ini pattern yang dipasang di depan rumah pas galungan kalo di rumah itu terjadi pernikahan dalam periode galungan itu bukan?

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