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Fear The Clown – Inside The Memories

Inside my head my memories lost
I can not breathe again, I just can’t fall

Inside my head conversations lost
I don’t know where it began Just a broken thought,

Just a life
Just a lost knife in the dark
I cut on your face fix your fire call for Christ

Yes, that´s all I dream just that verses there
I found myself today in a prayer

Get off your loss
Fix your fire call for Christ
Get far away, break the door and break the glass
Just a life just a lost knife in the dark
Cut on your face, fix your fire call for Christ

Just a life
Just another end your soul
Wanna live
What is happening to this world
Want tonight
Can’t we just hold on to us
Want to fly
As wondering how it could be done

I can’t take you back
Now that you have had
One too many drinks
Won’t this just be neat
I think you deserve a place where you will burn
A place where you will die
A place where you’ll forever cry

and you’ll cry

You might die
and you’ll see
What you mean. what means to me… to me…


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