Are you

I’m sorry this was all just an act
I wanted to see how you might react
I listened to your words
I listened to your rants
it’s not because of what you do,
It’s just because you can’t

See that this is starting
to feel like some kinda of a game
kinda like real life
but not quite the same
and you made the first move
you won the last round
it’s not because of what you do
but you may have let me down

or are you who you say you really are?
are you who you say you really are x2

you say, you’re as straight
as the crows flies
but how come i see those crows
flying circles up in the sky?
like scavengers searching
for a little piece of the part
well goddamn if i give you any
pieces of my broken heart

or are you…..x3

I blame this all parlty
on physical attraction
but i’m worth more than
one nigh tof your distraction
just give me one chance
I’ll show you the way
take whatever’s left from the night
and into the next day

or are you who you say you really are x3

by : Laurel Jackson

Are you

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