My 1# Beat Magazine

Well everything was running smothly, my 1# rush death-fuckin-line was fine hahaha. This edition is alot more exclusive, this perfect binding was realy2x works. Everybody was excited at the offine when the magz come from the airport. “Babe” was not much complain about the magz….fuih. Oh yea you can find my name in the editorial pages…damt sure name of couse.

Today was my “otonan” (balinese birthday ceremony), mam said it was 8 year’s ago since my last “otonan” and today she setup the “banten” (overings) very special for me. Pap was lead the ceremony and he ask to Sang Hyang Widi to all goodness came to me…”Mewat Kawat, Mebalung Besi” (become a wired muscle and bone of stone) DUH! I’m turning to a cyborg? hehehe Thanks Mom,Pop.

some link while I’m online…
1. How-to-snatch-an-expiring-domain
2. Publish your book
3. Web-publishing
4. A nice small Bali tourist information info

My 1# Beat Magazine

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