Pura Miniatur Effect

bali pura miniature photo effect

How to make one?

  1. Pick an photo/images which taken from top of object (birdeye view), it’s better if those photo/images contain an object such as building, vihecle, creature, tree or sometin else that obiusly not part of the landscape.
    miniature efect 02
  2. Open your photo/images with Adobe Photoshop, duplicate image in a new layer.
    miniature efect step 3
  3. Apply Gaussian Blur (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur) to new layer . Try set mine to about 7.0
  4. Use the Elliptical selection tool to select a section arround the object (exp. No.1).
  5. Generously feather the selection. I use about 50.
  6. Delete the selection then deselect.
    miniature effect step 7
  7. Increase the contrast (Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast…) I use about 40, depending on the image.
    miniature effect step 8
  8. To completed the works, load and run damn_we_glam action. (download the action here).

happy tryin!

Pura Miniatur Effect

5 thoughts on “Pura Miniatur Effect

  1. wuih.. anjing… babi… naskleng… bangsat… jiancuk… jangkrik… sapi… sundel… bajingan… *terkesima! kweren banget e pek nya. picasa dengan modus focus yah..

  2. Wow, dude this is just amazing, and it´s soo easy that u´ll never think of it that way, lol. thanks, i was looking for that effect for long itme now, thx

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