I got the job!

Hari ini bangun siang soalnya malemnya pilek tak henti. HP kaga bisa nyala ntah dari kmaren nggak berhasil ngecas. Tak paksa hidupkan sambil tak charge eh malah ada telp masup dari MR. Stuart from The Beat…”Can you come to our office at Oberoy Street” I’ll be there in one hour sir!


“Ok, we will be contact you soon for the result of this interview Hendra” “Thank alot sir!” 😀

Sedari tadi ter4nyata lupa bawa HP ketinggalan dirumah ternyata, nyampe rumah liat HP ada SMS : “Hendra. If you want to work for us please start on aug 1 st. Monday and three months probation. We shall talk more on monday. OK?”Stuart.

Du du du du…hip horeee…thanks Lord!

I got the job!

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