Gettin More Busy!

Today Latra (Made Suta brother) get maried. Ma, Pa, Mank, and Man went to Padang Bay 1# in the morning to catch the boat to Nusa Penida.

Today at the office we are very-very busy, many WorkArt comin by CD and email rapidly. Jhony said this was a hight season, and it’s was good for Bali Bussines so there will be a lot much Adv. coming in.
For the next edition of the beat that I start work it there will be a diferent, couse we gonna changes the binding and using a diferent paper too.

Dear Dinda just send a SMS, she said got this interview in TV7, congurtulation dear go run for your better carier.
Sorry I’m not say goodbye earlier…

Gettin More Busy!

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