Pecha Kucha Night Bali #2

Great Artwork by Monez

Pecha Kucha is back—in full effect! Bigger, better, louder, than ever. More cosmopolitan, even borderless, total transnational. Kriss-kross kulture, mix-match, and mish-mash madness.
Thursday, August 13, 2009
at Sanur Village Festival
starts at 6.30 PM

With confirmed participants:

1. Marlowe Bandem [ Bali, presentation’s title: BLIPfest – Be Captured by the Moment ]
2. Rudeboy Dodix [ Bali, title: Skacore, The Devil, and More ]
3. Raoul Wijffles [ Holland, title: OneDollarForMusic ]
4. Vaughan Hatch [ New Zealand, topic: Gamelan ]
5. Erick EST [ Bali, topic: TBA ]
6. Steve Palmer [ Australia, topic: TBA ]
7. Brant Connors [ USA, topic: TBA ]
8. Eris ADGI [ Bali, topic: TBA ]
9. Bluebird [ Italy, topic: TBA ]
10. Elena Skoko [ Croatia, topic: TBA ]
11. You

12. Your homie
13. Your former girlfriend
14. Your pub-crawl contingent
15. Your soon-to-be ex-husband
16. Your kinda-bright boss
17. Your one-night-stand partner
18. Your pirate-dvds agent
19. Your too-busy-with-Facebook-wall drama queen
20. Your who-needs-to-know-about-your-uninteresting-life-pseudo-superstar-via-Twitter nerd
21. Balkans, Australians, Americans, Indonesians, Barbarians, whoever you are, come and join the fun!

For registration, you can contact me here: 08123866364 / /
Presentation can be in Indonesian, English, or mix.

I’ll keep you Phat PechKuch Posse updated.

Pecha Kucha Night Bali #2

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